SonexFlight is a monthly podcast where we talk all things related to the Sonex line of kit-build aircraft. Each show we interview a different Sonex builder or pilot and discuss technical topics, tips and tricks, flying adventures, news and current events.



2016 Episode Archive


Episode 11 - “Developing a Pilot Operating Handbook”

We discuss the process of putting together a Pilot Operating Handbook – AKA a “POH”. We review the major considerations and a few helpful references to guide you through the development a complete and useful document. We also comment on our own individual methods of operating our Sonex, from start-up to flying the pattern.

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Episode 10 - "Documenting Your Project"

We discuss documenting your Sonex building project, including the regulatory requirements for documentation, the various options for your logs, benefits of documenting, and tips and tricks to make the process easier. In the forum news we review the pro's and con's of delaying riveting the lower fuselage skins, and discuss ways to fix elevator bellcrank interference in the tail.

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Episode 9 - "Landing Gear"

The Sonex landing gear system is robust, effective and simple to set up, and we cover ways to make it even easier. We talk with early plans-builder Bob Mika about planning considerations for your gear configuration, challenges or issues builders may encounter, tips and tricks, and a few useful modifications.

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Episode 8 - "Rescuing an Orphaned Project"

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a second-hand Sonex project, outline the major considerations on finding and evaluating a potential project, and offer tips and lessons-learned from builders who have successfully completed rescued projects.

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Episode 7 - "Tuning the AeroInjector"

We discuss tuning the AeroInector and AeroCarb. This carb is deceptively simple, but it needs to be tuned correctly for best performance. Kerry Fores from Sonex Aircraft LLC walks us thru the process, outlines common mistakes and provides trouble-shooting tips.

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Episode 6 - "Talking with Sonex, LLC"

In Episode 6 we speak with Sonex Aircraft LLC General Manager, Mark Schaible. We discuss a wide variety of topics with Sonex, review the latest efforts and focus areas, and talk about Sonex’s biggest challenges and frustrations. In the news we review the UK Sonex Approval Document, the recent AeroVee Turbo Service Bulletin, and more.

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Episode 5 - "Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation"

In Episode 5 we speak with Robbie Culver, President of the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation. We talk about the mission and goals of the Foundation, transition training and other safety concerns. In the news we discuss recent threads about solving radio noise, and the Stratux do-it-yourself ADS-B receiver.

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Episode 4 - "Engine Cooling"

In Episode 4 we discuss important considerations to achieve good engine cooling in your Sonex. We speak with Mike Smith about his recent experiences trouble shooting and improving his engine cooling efficiency. In the news we discuss a recent Sonex forced-landing, thankfully with only minor injuries, Josh Bardell's homebuilt portable air-conditioning system for his Sonex, and more.

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Episode 3 - "AeroVee Turbo"

In Episode 3 we discuss the AeroVee Turbo engine option for the Sonex. We speak with Mike Farley and Carl Benda, two highly-experienced Turbo owners, detailing the Turbo package itself, the modifications to your Sonex to add a Turbo to an already-flying AeroVee-powered Sonex, and performance of the Turbo (Spoiler - it Rocks!). We also review current news, Forum discussions and more.

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Episode 2 - "Fuel Systems"

In Episode 2 we hold a round table discussion regarding fuel systems. We review what the plans call for, important considerations in designing your own fuel system, common modifications, and mistakes or pitfalls that frustrate builders. We also review recent Sonex new product press releases and recent forum topics.

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Episode 1 - "Why a Sonex?"

In this episode we speak with a current Sonex builder and discuss his project, and find out why he chose the Sonex. In the forum news we discuss our favorite plans features and mods, discuss the Factory Waiex crash near Fond du Lac airport and the NTSB report on the Tom Huebbe fatal accident in 2014.

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