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Episode 7 - "Tuning the AeroInjector"

October 2016

In Episode 7 we discuss tuning the AeroInector and AeroCarb. This carb is deceptively simple, but it needs to be tuned correctly for best performance. Kerry Fores from Sonex Aircraft LLC walks us thru the process, outlines common mistakes and provides trouble-shooting tips.


Kerry Fores: Technical Support lead for Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Kerry has been with Sonex Aircraft almost from the beginning, joining Sonex as a volunteer in 1999 and full time in 2003. He plan-built Sonex #9 "Metal Illness" which received a Bronze Lindy in 2006, and has over 500 hrs in that airplane. Kerry has assisted with nearly a dozen Sonex builds, and thousands of AeroCarb tuning sessions either in person or thru technical support calls. Kerry is an excellent photographer, and an accomplished aviation writer, with several articles published in EAA Sport Aviation and Kitplanes magazines, as well as his online blog at "".

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Show Notes

Kerry "Danger" Fores:


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