` SonexFlight Podcast: Episode 8 - "Rescuing an Orphaned Project"

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Episode 8 - "Rescuing an Orphaned Project"

November 2016

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a second-hand Sonex project, outline the major considerations on finding and evaluating a potential project, and offer tips and lessons-learned from builders who have successfully completed rescued projects.


Mike Neidenthal: builder of Sonex 749, a tail dragger Jabiru powered Sonex. Mike is an airline pilot flying for a major airline, and flies his Sonex out of Colorado Springs, CO. Mike purchased a project off Barnstormers advertised as 90% complete and finished is over the next 8-9 months of work.

Mike Singleton: builder of Sonex 465, which first flew in 2005 with an AeroVee and now sports a Jabiru 3300 engine. Mike is a Navy veteran, serving as an aviation electronics technician and air crew in Grumman S2F “Tracker” anti-submarine aircraft; a private pilot of 35 years, with over 1300 hours of flight time, including 800 hrs in Sonex aircraft; ultralight pilot and skydiver with about 80 jumps. He’s flown 15 different Sonex aircraft, of which 12 were first flights.

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