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Episode 3 - "AeroVee Turbo"

September 2016

In Episode 3 we discuss the AeroVee Turbo engine option for the Sonex. We speak with Mike Farley and Carl Benda, two highly-experienced Turbo owners, detailing the Turbo package itself, the modifications to your Sonex to add a Turbo to an already-flying AeroVee-powered Sonex, and performance of the Turbo (Spoiler - it Rocks!). We also review current news, Forum discussions and more.


Carl Benda: pilot of Sonex 48. Carl is an A&P mechanic, and a long-time VW engine operator. He flies a conventional gear Sonex powered by an AeroVee Turbo. Carl flies his Sonex and Cessna 175 from his home airport in Colorado with a field elevation more than 7000 ft MSL.

Mike Farley: builder and pilot of Waiex 56, based in central Ohio. Mike is a CFI and professional pilot, and serves as Vice President of the “Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation”. He was an early-adopter of the Turbo and has produced several YouTube videos of flying his turbo. Mike is probably one of the most experienced AeroVee Turbo pilots outside of the factory personnel.

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Show Notes

Press Release: SubSonex Featured in EAA Experimenter Magazine

Video: Sonex B-Model test flight video posted

Youtube Video Discussion Thread: High Altitude Performance Discussion Thread: Converting a Taildragger to Tri Gear Discussion Thread: Instructions on hooking up RPM Sender

Video: Flying the AeroVee Turbo by Mike Farley

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