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2019 Episode Archive


Episode 65 - "Sonex Holiday Gift Guide"

The holiday season is upon us, and this is a good time to brush up your Christmas wish list. We've put together a few items that we think would be great ideas to enhance your building and flying experience, whether you're looking for suggestions to offer friends and family for what to get for you, items that you might like to treat yourself with, or that extra special something for your project to show it how much you care!

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Episode 64 - "Cowling Fiberglass Techniques"

Fitting the cowling is always a challenge, but with patience and the proper techniques it can be accomplished with minimum frustration. We cover our favorite tools, techniques and best tips to help you thru this portion of your build.

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Episode 63 - "Fitting the Canopy"

The canopy is one of the most challenging construction tasks in a Sonex project, and that's true of most homebuilts. The job can be repetitive and time consuming, and the risk of cracking the plexiglas is always there. We'll discuss how to tackle this intimidating task, and explain the tools and techniques that set you up for success and keep you out of the "cracked canopy club".

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Episode 62 - "Engine Swap on an Already Flying Airplane"

Every pilot wants more power in their airplane, or may decide to try out a different engine for various reasons, and over the years a number of pilots have decided to conduct engine swaps to do just that. Weíll cover some considerations to keep in mind when replacing engines on an already-flying airplane.

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Episode 61c - "AirVenture 2019, Wrap-up"

AirVenture is over, and we're missing it already! The gang reviews some of our highlights from the show, and challenges encountered along the way.

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Episode 61b - "AirVenture Oshkosh 2019, Monday and Tuesday"

Days 1 & 2 were a blast! Here are a few samples of the things we did, people we talked to and events we enjoyed after the show.

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Episode 61a - "AirVenture Oshkosh 2019, Day Zero"

AirVenture is here! Join us for some quick highlights from the weekend before the official start of the show.

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Episode 60 - "Flying the Onex"

The Onex is Sonex Aircraftís single place sportster, being roughly 80% the size of a Sonex and offering more speed and even snappier handling. Onexís are appearing in the completions gallery more and more, and for good reason! Our guest owns both a Sonex and a Onex and is particularly well suited to describe the similarities and differences the Onex shares with the rest of the fleet.

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Episode 59 - "AirVenture 2019 is Coming!"

AirVenture, the world's biggest airshow in Oshkosh, WI, is less than two months away, and itís time to get busy finalizing plans for attending. We cover flying in, camping and lodging options, events and more in our 2019 preview.

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Episode 58 - "SDS EFI for your AeroVee"

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is a popular addition to experimental aircraft engines, and offers several attractive benefits including balanced mixture distribution, lower fuel burn, increased power and general smoothness of operation. We discuss the SDS EFI system with a successful Sonex builder and the company founder, and lay out what you'll need to add EFI to your AeroVee.

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Episode 57 - "Preparing for First Flight"

Now that winter has finally retreated and spring flying weather is here for most of us, itís time for many new projects to make a first flight after being completed during the winter building season. We discuss the important considerations to prepare yourself, prepare the airplane and refine your first-flight plan.

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Episode 56 - "Meet the Hosts of the SonexFlight Podcast"

The SonexFlight Podcast is coming up on its third anniversary, and itís probably past time that we formally introduce ourselves. Your hosts talk about our own aviation backgrounds, share the stories that brought us together on the podcast, and look ahead to goals and objectives we each have in the coming months.

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Episode 55 - "Overvoltage Protection for Permanent Magnet Alternators"

Most Sonex pilots are flying engines that utilize permanent magnet alternators, such as the AeroVee and Jabiru. These systems are simple and effective, but can benefit from a carefully constructed electrical system that incorporates active voltage protection. Our guest Bob Nuckolls helps us dig into overvoltage protection to explain some simple practices we can use in our planes.

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Episode 54 - "AeroVee Maintenance"

Now that winter is fading and flying season is kicking off, itís time for us to have a look at our planes and get them ready for the season. Smart pilots will pay particular attention to the health and care of their engines. We review the common maintenance items that a pilot will need to consider, and offer our insights to keeping things running smoothly.

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Episode 53 - "Garmin G3X Avionics"

Garminís new G3X avionics system is targeted to the Experimental and LSA market segment, and offers a lot of bang for the buck. We sit down with Garmin to dig into this system, explaining what youíll need for your Sonex and how much it will cost to get state of the art capability.

Guest: Brad Brensing, Sales manager for the Experimental and LSA market segments at Garmin International.

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Episode 52 - "Rotax 912 Engine Installation"

The Rotax 912 is a common engine choice for LSA and sport aircraft, but until just recently has been absent from the Sonex fleet. With Sonex Aircraft now supporting that option, builders are increasingly flying behind Rotax power. We speak with one of the first Rotax-Sonex pilots about his engine installation, and offer some insight and advice to pilots wishing to choose that engine option.

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Episode 51 - "Wing Rigging Made Easy"

Drilling the wing spars to the fuselage is a final step in completing major assembly of the airframe, and may cause builders grief if not done correctly. We explain how to rig the wings accurately and painlessly, and avoid the need to remake parts from a wing rigging operation gone wrong.

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Episode 50 - "Building on YouTube"

Part of the fun and enjoyment builders derive from their projects is sharing them with others. Sharing can mean many things, but more and more it includes documenting the project using videos, and then sharing them online. We talk with an ambitious new builder about his videos and the goals he has for sharing his build project with others.

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Episode 49 - "Avoiding Builder Burnout"

At some point every builder faces waning motivation, distractions and a slow-down in their building progress. This can have major impacts to the ultimate success of the project, and in the worst cases can lead to burnt-out builders and abandoned projects. We discuss our techniques and advice to keep motivation up and avoiding builder burnout.

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