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Episode 58 "SDS EFI for your AeroVee"

June 2019

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is a popular addition to experimental aircraft engines, and offers several attractive benefits including balanced mixture distribution, lower fuel burn, increased power and general smoothness of operation. We discuss the SDS EFI system with a successful Sonex builder and the company founder, and lay out what you'll need to add EFI to your AeroVee.


Peter Van Schalkwyk. Peter is currently flying his second sonex, a standard-gear AeroVee powered Sonex (#773) with an SDS EFI system. Peter recently appeared in the news at the 2019 Sun_N-Fun fly-in, and also on the Sonex website.

Ross Farnham. Ross is the man behind “Racetech Inc.”, manufacturer of the Simple Digital Systems (SDS) line of EFI components and kits for the homebuilder. Ross is based in Calgary, Canada, and his company has shipped more than 10,000 systems for automotive use and 2,000 systems for aviation, accumulating millions of hours of run time.

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