SonexFlight is a monthly podcast where we talk all things related to the Sonex line of kit-build aircraft. Each show we interview a different Sonex builder or pilot and discuss technical topics, tips and tricks, flying adventures, news and current events.



Episode 60 "Flying the Onex”

July 2019

The Onex is Sonex Aircraft’s single place sportster, being roughly 80% the size of a Sonex and offering more speed and even snappier handling. Onex’s are appearing in the completions gallery more and more, and for good reason! Our guest owns both a Sonex and a Onex and is particularly well suited to describe the similarities and differences the Onex shares with the rest of the fleet.


Vincent Homer. Vince owns Sonex #295 and Onex #16, both originally built by Merle Reppert in 2008 and 2014, respectively. Vince’s Onex is powered by a Jabiru 3300, and has several customizations designed to enhance the utility and comfort of his plane.

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