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Episode 36 "Vinyl Wrapping"

April 2018

Traditionally, the choice of Sonex finishes has been paint or polish, and each has their own merits. However, there is a new option that is lightweight, cost effective and fairly simple, using adhesive vinyl sheeting. Several Sonex airplanes sport this finish, including both John Gillis and Mike Neidenthal. John is a certified 3M applicator, and will tell us all about using vinyl wrapping on your project.


Mike Neidenthal: Mike is the builder of Sonex 749, a tail dragger Jabiru powered Sonex. Mike is an airline transport pilot flying for a major US Airline, and flies his Sonex out of Colorado Springs, CO. Mike's Sonex was the first vinyl wrapped airplane in the Colorado Springs area, and possably the first Sonex to be finished that way as well.

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