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Episode 35 "Sonex Down Under"

March 2018

Our friends in Australia are busy building and flying their Sonex aircraft, and are doing some pretty interesting things. Although the one hundred or so builders are spread across a very large country, there are definite "hot spots" of Sonex activity. We'll speak with several Aussie builders and hear about their challenges and experiences building so far from Oshkosh.


Peter Henry. Peter lives in the southern end of the continent, about two hours’ drive east of Melbourne, Victoria. He built and flies Waiex #149, an AeroVee powered tri-gear, with first flight in 2014. Peter started flying in microlights and ultralights, and transitioned to GA flying shortly before building his Sonex. Peter retired from the IT industry, and now has plenty of time to enjoy flying his Sonex around Australia.

Chris Bishoff. Chris completed Sonex #1147 in 2008, powered originally with an AeroVee engine. Chris is a real powerhouse when it comes to experimenting and developing new ideas, and went on to make major changes to his AeroVee engine, and created a custom Rotax 912S installation for his Sonex. Chris developed fuel injection systems for both the AeroVee and Rotax 912.

Chris Dearden. Chris lives in the southern part of Australia in the State of South Australia, near Adelaide. He is a long-time glider pilot, motorglider pilot, and powered-airplane pilot, with over 50 yrs of flying experience. He is the builder of Xenos #35, powered by an AeroVee. Chris participated in a group build project with the Sport Aircraft Club of South Australia. Over 30 members collaboratively built a Sonex kit and now use it in their flight club.

Peter Anson. Peter is a retired engineer involved with structural testing of aircraft parts. Peter has had quite a varied career in addition to his engineering work, including owning a motorcycle dealership and teaching as a school teacher. Peter lives in Victoria, Australia, where he completed Sonex #894, a Jabiru 3300 powered taildragger from plans in 2012.

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