SonexFlight is a monthly podcast where we talk all things related to the Sonex line of kit-build aircraft. Each show we interview a different Sonex builder or pilot and discuss technical topics, tips and trick, flying adventures, and news and current events.



Episode 27 - “Sonex Handling Qualities”

October 2017

Captain Mike "Caveman" Neidenthal joins us again as we attempt to describe the feel and personality of flying a Sonex, and to give some insight to why Sonex has such a loyal following of pilots. Simply put, we love the way they fly, and we’re going to tell you all about it!

Guest: Mike Neidenthal: Builder of Sonex 749, a tail dragger Jabiru-powered Sonex. Mike is a Colonel in the "Mile High Sonex Squadron", and when not flying dawn patrols around the Colorado Front Range, spends his days flying as a Captain for a major airline.

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