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Episode 17 - “Reducing Sonex Accidents”

March 2017

We tackle a really tough problem – how to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents among Sonex pilots. Our discussion approaches the topic through a Sonex-specific lens, but certainly applies to all aspects of aviation.

Guest: Joe Norris. Joe has ratings in both airplanes and rotorcraft, a Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor, A&P mechanic with IA, a Certificated Flight Instructor, and is currently the chief flight instructor at the Experimental Aircraft Association. Joe has had a long history with EAA, joining as an EAA member in the 70’s, then as an employee, serving as an Aviation Services Specialist, the Homebuilders Community Manager, and worked on the EAA electronic newsletter team. He has a background and interest in aircraft refurbishment and homebuilt airplane projects, having completed several major projects over the years. Joe joined Sonex Aircraft several years ago and helped them develop and stand-up the factory “T-Flight” transition training program. In that capacity, Joe Norris is unique in that he has flown with more Sonex pilots that anyone else.

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